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globe6Luxembourg 2014 Crime and Safety Report
 - Part I 

Overall Crime and Safety Situation

old Luxembourg City

Crime Threats 

Luxembourg is a safe and modern European country with effective law enforcement and security services. Although violent crime is less prevalent in Luxembourg cities than in similarly sized American cities, property crimes still occur. Thieves are often guided by the victim's lack of security awareness or perceived affluence, not their nationality.

Pickpockets are a problem on buses and in Luxembourg's train station. The Luxembourg Gare (main train station), which services the high-speed trains to/from Paris can be a problem. Laptop computers, wallets, and passports have been stolen when travelers are pre-occupied.

Residential crime is a concern, especially during the traditional vacation periods in August and around Christmas. Burglaries are generally restricted to when the residents are not present, indicating prior surveillance by the thieves. No incidents involving assault or injury were reported in 2013, although there was one case where the robbers used police uniforms as a ruse to gain entry to an occupied residence. The owner was unhurt, but weapons were displayed.

One major crime occurred in 2013 that was of special note. Multiple suspects used explosives in an attempt to enter the cash holding facility of G4S, a local security company, in April 2013. While they were unsuccessful in their attempt, the immediate interdiction by police resulted in a vehicular chase, an overturned police car, and the suspects firing dozens of rounds from AK-47s into the vehicle. No police officers were hurt in the incident, but this indicates cross-border crime (the suspects fled into Belgium) of a scale and violence level rarely seen in Luxembourg. The willingness of the suspects to use assault rifles in a brazen assault on the chasing police was noteworthy.

Overall Road Safety Situation 

Road Safety and Road Conditions

Highways and larger roads are well lit and maintained. Secondary and/or rural roads can be narrow, poorly maintained, and unlit. Travelers should carry a blank copy of an accident report (available through Luxembourg insurance companies) in the glove box of their personal vehicle in the event of a minor accident not involving injury. Police will normally not respond to an accident if there are NO injuries. This document is completed by both parties and submitted to their respective insurance companies. In the event of injuries or serious damage, police must be notified, and the drivers must remain on the scene until the police complete their report.

The largest concern for highway safety is intoxicated drivers. In 2011, Belgium had the highest per capita DUI rate in Europe; Luxembourg shares a border with Belgium. While exact statistics regarding DUIs in Luxembourg are not available, police report it as the highest concern for road safety.

A cursory review of weekly newspapers reveals reports of fatal collisions after almost every winter weekend. Most fatalities involve some combination of darkness, weather, small roads, intoxication, and inexperienced drivers.

Luxembourg has an extensive public transportation network, consisting of buses and trains. Tickets are required, but access is based on the honor system. Police do conduct random checks, and a large fine will be assessed to passengers without a valid ticket.

(Source: OSAC 2014)


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