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Lake Hawea, New Zealand
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America’s Travel Leaders Hail Global Entry Expansion

The United States and China to Extend Visas for Short-term Business Travelers, Tourists, and Students

Travel News: Mali to the United States

U.S. Energy Business Development Mission Heads to West Africa

Malaria Cases Hit 40-year High in US 

Uganda’s Little-Known Gem to Become Accessible

DoD/TSA Partner to Provide Military TSA Precheck at 100 Airports

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Happenings Around The World

Kang ri Karpo range, Tibet Midui Glacier

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Spirit Airlines fee challenged; India ban in tiger reserves
Lots of travelers grouse about Spirit Airlines’ ancillary fees, but one traveler is taking his complaints to a higher set of ears — the federal courthouse.

Bring us your tired, your poor, but not your job applications
Asylum seekers often flee war and torture, and hope to get started making a decent living when they make it to freedom. US says: Not so fast.

Seaplane flights to link Croatian coast to islands
From this May, travelers will have the option of accessing the islands of the Dalmatian coast through a new, faster mode of transport.

Google launches virtual tour of rafting trip on Colorado River through Grand Canyon

U.S. National Park Service set to close access to Lake Superior ice caves near the Apostle Islands

5 Things We've Learned About Russia Since the Crimean Crisis
Every time Vladimir Putin opens his mouth, the goalposts seem to move.

The Case for Dividing the World Into 'Fat' and 'Lean' Countries

Afghanistan From the Air
What does an airport say about a country? More than you might think.

Crimea is more important to Russia than the Falklands to the UK
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke to journalists after finding no common ground on Ukraine during talks with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in London.

Missing airliner may have flown on for 7 hours
Police on Saturday searched the homes of the pilots who were in control of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 shortly before it disappeared more than a week ago as investigators sharpened their focus on the possibility that the plane fell victim to foul play.

Ukraine denounces ‘invasion’ by Russian forces on eve of Crimea’s referendum
Russia’s military staged a provocative new act of aggression Saturday, occupying a natural gas distribution center and village on a strip of Ukrainian land near the Crimean Peninsula and prompting Kiev’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to denounce “a military invasion by Russia.”


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Home Happenings Around The World Global Events
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