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Lake Hawea, New Zealand
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U.S. Energy Business Development Mission Heads to West Africa

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DoD/TSA Partner to Provide Military TSA Precheck at 100 Airports

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Happenings Around The World

Kang ri Karpo range, Tibet Midui Glacier

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US dollar weakening threatens runaway inflation
The United States risks importing uncontrolled inflation through its deliberate efforts to weaken the dollar. ‘Currency wars’ expert James Rickards says such scenario ultimately threatens the global monetary system.

Earth marks close encounter with enormous asteroid
An asteroid estimated to be the size of three football fields whizzed close to Earth on Monday, roughly a year after one exploded over Russia and injured 1,200 people.

Scientists probe meteor link to Argentina explosion
Scientists said Tuesday that a meteor crashing to earth could explain reports of an explosion in the Argentine countryside some 350 kilometers (250 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires.

Thai police clash with protesters, leaving 4 dead
Gunbattles broke out Tuesday as hundreds of riot police made their strongest attempt to clear anti-government protest sites around Thailand’s capital, leaving at least four people dead and 64 others injured.

The top European destination for 2014: Porto, Portugal
A World Heritage city synonymous with port wine has been crowned the best European destination of 2014 for its “postcard-perfect views,” friendly locals and gastronomy.

Austrian Airlines to resume flights to Iran in March
Austrian Airlines announced on Sunday it will resume flights to Iran in March after it stopped flying to the country early last year for what it said were commercial reasons.

Sochi Olympics Security Ship Runs Aground
The U.S. Navy frigate USS Taylor is being inspected for damage today after running aground last week in the Black Sea off Samsun, Turkey. According to the Navy, the incident occurred while the vessel was preparing to moor and that the ship “was able to moor without further incident.”

China: visa-free stopovers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu
China's Transit Visa Exemption Program lets you spend 72 hours in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu or Chongqing without the hassle and cost of applying for a single-entry visa.

New train service cuts Beijing-Shanghai travel times to four hours
The new Beijing-Shanghai high-speed line opens for business this June, a year ahead of schedule, and will cut travel times between the two cities to three hours and fifty-eight minutes.

Private supply ship departs space station after 5-week visit: 1 big trash incinerator
The International Space Station has one less capsule and a lot less trash.

A Map of the World's Most Dangerous Countries for Drivers
A new study from the University of Michigan maps global fatalities from car accidents.


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Home Happenings Around The World Global Events
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